Introducing Dispatch

Introduction to Dispatch 1.0.

This is the initial release of Dispatch.

Dispatch 1.0 was released on 28 February 2020.

This release of Dispatch includes features and capabilities for installation, pipeline configuration, setting up repositories, and operations.


If you are upgrading, make sure to set minio.persistence.size=100Gi or upgrades will fail. In your cluster.yaml:

  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.16-1.0.0
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: true
      values: |
            size: 100Gi

Or via dispatch init:

dispatch init --set minio.persistence.size=100Gi

Upgrading from 1.0.0-rcX

There is an issue with upgrading from 1.0.0-rcX to 1.0.0. Prior to upgrading, run:

kubectl delete jobs -n dispatch dispatch-set-argocd-auth-token