Release Notes 1.2.0

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Release Notes

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v1.2.0 - Released June 22, 2020

Document Modified Date: June 22, 2020

This document describes the new features, caveats, and resolved issues of D2iQ Dispatch.


  • Release notes are sometimes updated with new information about restrictions and caveats. Please see for the latest version of the D2iQ Dispatch release-notes.

Installation and Upgrades

To install Dispatch, follow one of the two options below:

  • Installation: Run konvoy init and then update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml.

  • Upgrade: Update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml .

  1. Update the following example snippet from cluster.yaml to upgrade from Dispatch v1.1.0 to 1.2.0.
  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.16-1.1.0
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: false

It should read:

  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.16-1.2.0
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: true
  1. Apply the configuration to install/upgrade Dispatch to the Konvoy cluster.
konvoy up
  1. Verify that the installation/upgrade is successful.
helm test dispatch-kubeaddons

Frontend Languages

Frontend Language Version
Starlark 0.6
CUE 0.4
YAML 0.3
JSON 0.3

Improvements since v1.1.0

  • Bitbucket Server and Cloud are now supported for code repositories.
  • Added support for scheduled builds using cron.
  • Dispatch pipelines can now leverage Buildkit to create images.
  • GitOps repositories can now be configured to auto-merge pull-requests to automatically trigger deployment.
  • Added support for the local runner to test unstaged (default behavior) AND untracked (using --untracked flag) changes in user’s working directory.
  • Enabled garbage collection of Task and Pipeline resources. Previously only PipelineRun, TaskRun, and PipelineResource objects were garbage collected.
  • The dispatch login docker command now accepts --username and --password flags to create basic-auth secrets to store docker credentials.
  • The report-status task has been extracted into a controller.
  • Added new metrics to distinguish user pipelines from system ones like generate-pipeline.
  • Added support for chatops arguments as $(context.chatop.args) in Dispatchfile.
  • Added support for matching source and target branches for pull requests in Dispatchfile.
  • Upgraded ArgoCD and ArgoCD CLI to v1.5.7.
  • Added a tutorial for using upstream ArgoCD CLI with Dispatch.
  • Added dispatch gitops app wait command to enable ArgoCD to wait for ongoing application sync operations to finish.
  • Updated Dispatchfile frontend language Starlark to 0.6.
  • Updated Dispatchfile frontend language CUE to 0.4.
  • GUI now verifies repository secrets prior to saving them.
  • EXPERIMENTAL Starlark standard libraries 0.0.6 released via the Dispatch Catalog.


Breaking Changes

  • The --docker-config-path flag of CLI command dispatch login docker now creates one or more basic-auth secrets instead of dockerconfigjson secrets as earlier. This only affects workflow if these secrets are used outside of Tekton pipelines.
  • The --scm-provider, --scm-url, --scm-username, and --insecure-skip-tls-verify flags of CLI command dispatch ci run remote have been removed.
  • The --secret flag of CLI command dispatch ci run local has been removed.


  • The --git-prefix flag of CLI commands dispatch login github, dispatch login gitlab and dispatch login git is deprecated and replaced by --git-server.
  • The --secret flag of CLI command dispatch ci run remote is deprecated and replaced by --scm-secret.
  • The branches field of pull request conditions in Dispatchfile is deprecated and replaced by targets.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed incorrect population of dashboard-url for generate-pipeline manifests.
  • Fixed the report-status task to set --insecure-skip-tls-verify from environment.
  • Protect artifacts from being overwritten by user defined tasks using internal (MinIO) storage.
  • Ignore branch deletion events from GitHub.
  • Bumped KIND version used by the local runner to 0.7.0. This fixes a bug where some older versions of KIND CLI were unable to delete the KIND clusters created by the local runner.
  • Fixed PipelineValidationFailed error when some task result variables are not present in Dispatchfile.