Release Notes for 1.1.0

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Release Notes

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v1.1.0 - Released 24 April 2020

This document describes the new features, caveats, and resolved issues in D2iQ Dispatch.

Frontend Languages

Frontend Language Version
Starlark 0.5
CUE 0.2
YAML 0.2
JSON 0.2


  • Starlark frontend now supports imports.
  • EXPERIMENTAL Starlark standard libraries via the Dispatch Catalog for Dispatchfiles.
  • Added support for lambdas and nested function definitions in Starlark.
  • Added Dispatchfile versioning to improve backward compatibility.
  • Preserved artifacts generated by failed tasks.
  • Enable MinIO scaling & HA capabilities.
  • Added Dispatch dashboard to UI
  • PipelineRun viewable in Dispatch dashboard.
  • Standard output from steps now produces result variables that can be consumed by other tasks.
  • Adopted Tekton v1beta1 API.
  • Supported private repository authentication from the CLI.
  • Added dispatch ci artifacts list and dispatch ci artifacts fetch commands to list and fetch artifacts of a pipeline.
  • Added dispatch ci gen-doc command to generate documentation from Starlark files.
  • dispatch ci run remote now supports --dry-run to print resulting Tekton YAML manifests.
  • dispatch ci list pipelineruns and dispatch ci list tasks --pipelinerun=<name> now shows the status of the taskruns.
  • Periodically garbage-collect persistent task logs.
  • Added options to skip TLS verifications for self-signed certificates.
  • Added GitopsRepository CRD.
  • Added dispatch gitops cert command and new options to dispatch gitops creds command to manage Git server TLS certificates and SSH known hosts for ArgoCD.
  • Upgraded Tekton to v0.11.1.
  • Upgraded ArgoCD to v1.5.2.


  • dispatch ci run remote now requires --service-account to be specified and no longer defaults to build-bot.
  • dispatch ci run now requires --task to be specified.
  • The dispatch ci list pipelineruns and dispatch ci list tasks commands of older versions of Dispatch CLI (1.0.0 or earlier) no longer work with Dispatch 1.1.0 installations. New CLI command is backwards compatible with older installations.

Resolved Issues

  • Dispatch now correctly prints line numbers for errors in CUE based Dispatchfiles.
  • dindTask Starlark library function now allows custom entrypoints.
  • dispatch gitops app create no longer overwrites argocd-secret.
  • update-gitops-repo no longer fails when the specified branch already exists.
  • Secrets can now be used to checkout source code residing in a Gitlab repository.
  • update-gitops-repo now supports Gitops repositories hosted on GitLab.
  • Users can now delete secrets created by CLI through Dispatch UI.
  • Fixed status reporting on pull requests where the repository owner or repository name contains non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Fixed UI failures when secrets or service accounts are missing.
  • Re-run pipelines now includes correct dashboard links in Dispatch UI.
  • Nolonger required to specify -n dispatch for dispatch ci list command.
  • Re-run pipelines now includes correct dashboard links in commit status reports.
  • Listing pipelineruns using dispatch ci list pipelineruns now honors user RBAC.


To install the 1.1 release in Konvoy, update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml after running konvoy init.

Update the following snippet from cluster.yaml:

  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.16-1.0.1
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: false

It should read:

  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.16-1.1.0
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: true