Declarative Authorization Service for Kubernetes, built on Open Policy Agent.


Styra is the fastest and easiest way to put guardrails around your Kubernetes clusters–whether you’re a developer, an admin, or a bit of both.

  • Need to limit which folks can access data, based on who is currently on call? Simple.
  • Want to define which microservices can access particular streaming data? We got you.
  • Have to prove compliance with regulations on your customer data? No sweat.

Built on open-source software (Open Policy Agent (OPA)), and declarative by design, Styra’s simple graphical library of customizable policies lets you easily mitigate risks, reduce human error, and accelerate development.

Quick Start

Access The Styra Control Plane

Contact Styra ( to get an account on the Styra SaaS Service. A dedicated tenant URL e.g., https://<tenantID> along with credentials to login will be provided.

Install the Open Policy Agent

In the following section, we will download some yaml manifests for installing OPA.

  1. Let’s create a separate folder for those manifests.

    mkdir opa-styra
    cd opa-styra
  2. Next create a new System in the Styra control plane. Systems are displayed on the left-hand side. To add a new one, click the + next to the word Systems on the left-hand side and fill in the following:

     * `System name`: a human-friendly name so you remember which cluster is which
     * `Description`: more details about this cluster
     * `Read-only`: set to true only if you want to stop people from editing policy in the GUI
  3. You will then see the following four commands in the Styra control plane. The commands are generated specifically for the Styra system (representing your Kubernetes cluster) you just created.

  4. Add a label to kube-system that stops all admission control policies from being applied to that namespace.

    kubectl label ns kube-system
  5. Download the helm chart that installs OPA with kube-mgmt sidecar and the Styra datasource agent.

    curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer ...' -o styra-k8s-system.tgz -L 'http://.../assets/helm-chart'
  6. Download the helm values for the chart.

    curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer ...' -o values.json -L 'http://.../assets/helm-values'
  7. Install the OPA with kube-mgmt sidecar and the Styra datasource agent.

    helm install -n styra-system -f values.json styra-k8s-system.tgz

After both are installed, you can check the dashboard for that new System in the Styra control plane.

Create Your First Rule and See It In Action

The Styra control plane comes with a canned library with best practices rules. Go to the getting started document, and learn how to add your first rule; see section 3 - 6.

Delete the Open Policy Agent

Delete the OPA with kube-mgmt sidecar and the Styra datasource agent.

helm delete --purge styra-system



  • Product documentation is available from within the control plane, at https://<tenantID> Replace the tenantID with what you have received from Styra.

Release Notes

  • Release notes are available in the Release Notes section of the documentation.


Maintenance & Support