MinIO the S3 Compatible Object Store


MinIO is a distributed object storage service for high performance, high scale data infrastructures. It is a drop in replacement for AWS S3 in your own environment. It uses erasure coding to provide highly resilient storage that can tolerate failures of up to n/2 nodes.

Quick Start

Install the Operator

NOTE: If the velero addon is installed in your Konvoy cluster, it will already have installed the MinIO operator, so you must skip the operator install step.

  1. Install the MinIO operator.

    kubectl create -f
  2. Install the MinIO cluster.

    kubectl create -f
  3. Enable localhost access to the MinIO console.

    kubectl port-forward service/minio-service 9000
  4. Open the MinIO console.

  5. Get the secret key for access key minio to login.

    echo $(kubectl get secret minio-creds-secret -o=jsonpath='{.data.secretkey}' -n velero | base64 --decode)

Delete the Cluster and Operator

  1. Delete the cluster:

    kubectl delete -f

    IMPORTANT: If the velero add-on is installed in your Konvoy cluster then you must not delete the MinIO operator. Skip the following delete step.

  2. Delete the operator.

    kubectl delete -f



Release Notes


  • Apache License 2.0

Maintenance & Support