Addon Dependencies

Understand addon dependencies and interactions

When deploying Konvoy, addons are a integral part of the cluster’s functionality. When deploying or troubleshooting addons, it helps to understand how addons interact and may require other addons as dependencies.

If an addon’s dependency does not successfully deploy, the addon requiring that dependency does not successfully deploy. Addon dependencies are determined by their .spec.requires key value pair item.

For example, the cert-manager addon is a dependency of traefik. If we take a look at the traefik ClusterAddon object, we see the following .spec.requires key value pair item:

   - matchLabels: cert-manager

As indicated by the key matchLabels, the addon looks for its dependencies using labels on objects.

If we then view the .metadata.labels key value pair item of the cert-manager ClusterAddon object, we see the following label: cert-manager

In this example, if the cert-manager addon does not deploy, the traefik addon does not deploy.

In addition to understanding why an addon does not deploy, these concepts help troubleshoot an addon not working properly. An addon dependency could not be healthy and cause issues. The table below lists Konvoy addons and their dependencies.

Addon Dependencies
awsebscsiprovisioner defaultstorageclass-protection
awsebsprovisioner defaultstorageclass-protection
defaultstorageclass-protection cert-manager
dex ingresscontroller
dex-k8s-authenticator dex ingresscontroller
elasticsearch-curator elasticsearch
elasticsearchexporter elasticsearch
flagger istio
fluentbit elasticsearch
gatekeeper cert-manager
gcpdisk-csi-driver defaultstorageclass-protection
gcpdiskprovisioner defaultstorageclass-protection gcpdisk-csi-driver
istio Experimental cert-manager
kibana elasticsearch
kube-oidc-proxy ingresscontroller cert-manager<br/> dex
localvolumeprovisioner defaultstorageclass-protection
prometheusadapter prometheus
traefik cert-manager
traefik-forward-auth dex ingresscontroller
velero ingresscontroller

Some dependency labels in the above table have a label key of The table below lists multiple addons that can have these labels. value Addon(s)
storageclass awsebsprovisioner
nvidia nvidia
csi-driver azuredisk-csi-driver
loadbalancer metallb
ingresscontroller traefik

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