Release Notes Konvoy 1.7.1

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D2iQ® Konvoy® version 1.7.1 was released on 11 March, 2021.

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Release summary

This release provides new features and enhancements to improve the user experience, fix reported issues, integrate changes from previous releases, and maintain compatibility and support for other packages used in Konvoy.

Supported versions

Kubernetes Support Version
Minimum 1.17.x
Maximum 1.19.x
Default 1.19.8

New features and capabilities


  • Fix an error when ansible_ssh_private_key_file is not defined and SSH key is only provided in the ssh-agent.
  • Use the correct image.


  • Include the missing image needed for air-gapped FIPS installation.

Updated the Let’s Encrypt tutorial

The Setting up Let’s Encrypt certificate tutorial has been updated to reflect changes introduced with cert-manager v.1.

Fixed vSphere machine creation issues in airgapped environments

Previously, in airgapped environments, Terraform would not create new vSphere machines if it did not find a default gateway. With this release, Terraform no longer waits to find a default gateway nor does it check IP addresses with any discovered default gateways before creating new machines.

CentOS 7.9 support

This version update now supports the CentOS operating system version 7.9.

Create a cluster with no workers

In certain environments, attempting to create a cluster without workers can fail. This should not be a failure state. This version update can now create clusters with no workers. These clusters can be scaled up with workers at a later time or scaled down to zero without issue.

Fix deleting certain files during shutdown or reset

A problem with the konvoy down or konvoy reset commands failing if dedicated named devices were mounted on /var/lib/kublet or /var/lib/containerd has been corrected. (COPS-6771)

Fix issue reporting incorrect status update of addons upon deploying

There was an issue where some Addons were marked as “OK” status when not all components of that addon were available. This happened during the Deploying Enabled Addons stage of a konvoy up or konvoy deploy addons command. This has been fixed and the status now reflects when the addon is ready. (COPS-6883)

Component versions

  • Ansible
  • Calico 3.17.3
  • Cluster-autoscaler v0.4.0
  • Containerd v1.3.9
  • Docker v19.03.15
  • Go 1.15.8
  • Helm v3.3.5
  • kubeaddons-dispatch stable-1.19-1.4.1
  • kubeaddons-kommander stable-1.19-1.3.1
  • kubernetes-base-addons stable-1.19-3.2.0
  • Kubernetes v1.19.8
  • Kubeaddons v0.24.1
  • Mitogen a60c6c14a2473c895162a1b58a81bad0e63d1718
  • Terraform v0.13.5
  • Terraform AWS plugin ~> 3.0
  • Terraform Azure plugin ~> 2.31

Additional resources

For information about installing and using Konvoy, see the Konvoy documentation.

For information about working with native Kubernetes, see the Kubernetes documentation.