Federated Addons

How federated addons work

Addons federation

When attaching a cluster, Kommander federates certain addons on the newly attached cluster. To customize the federation of the logging and monitoring stacks, operators may apply labels to the associated KommanderCluster resource.

On attachment, two factors impact if an addon is deployed or not on the attached cluster:

  1. Is the attached cluster a Konvoy cluster or not (e.g. a cluster deployed using AWS EKS)?
  2. Does a label regarding the federation of the addon exist and has it been set? If yes, what is its value?

The tables below describe the list of addons and cluster addons that get federated on attachment with its related federation label (if available). Addons that do not have a federation label are federated by default. If an addon is described as only federated on non-Konvoy clusters, it will not get installed into Konvoy clusters even if its federation label is set to true.

Currently, the monitoring stack will be federated by default and the logging stack will not. This is why prometheus is the only addon federated by default with a federation label to disable it if needed.

Setting federation labels

Using the UI

Follow the documentation regarding attaching a cluster. You can add labels at the bottom of the attachment form, use the federation labels described in the tables below as keys and the values true or false if you wish to customize the federation of the addons. The addons that do not have a related federation label cannot get their federation enabled or disabled this way.

Creating a new KommanderCluster

If you want to federate a cluster by creating a new KommanderCluster object in your Kommander cluster, the federation labels should be set in the field metadata/labels.

Federated addons

Name Federated by default Federation label Only federated on non-Konvoy clusters
dashboard-kommander-override True False
elasticsearch False kommander.mesosphere.io/federate-elasticsearch True
elasticsearch-curator False kommander.mesosphere.io/federate-elasticsearch-curator True
elasticsearchexporter False kommander.mesosphere.io/federate-elasticsearchexporter True
fluentbit False kommander.mesosphere.io/federate-fluentbit True
kibana False kommander.mesosphere.io/federate-kibana True
kube-oidc-proxy-kommander True False
opsportal-addons-kommander-overrides True False
prometheus True kommander.mesosphere.io/federate-prometheus True
reloader True True
traefik-forward-auth-kommander True False

Federated cluster addons

Name Federated by default Federation label Only federated on non-Konvoy clusters
- cert-manager True True
- kubecost True False
- traefik True True