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Kommander Documentation

Release Notes

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Introducing Kommander

Deploy and manage Kubernetes on an enterprise scale


    Kommander architecture diagram


      Getting started with Kommander


        Upgrade Kommander


          You can evaluate Kommander running two clusters for free. Kommander cluster plus one additional clus…

            Centralized Cost Monitoring

            Monitoring costs of all managed clusters with Kubecost

              Centralized Monitoring

              Monitor clusters, created with Kommander, on any connected cluster


                Allow teams to manage their own clusters using workspaces

                  Resource Alert Settings

                  Customize when and if resource charts show an alert


                    Troubleshooting common issues in Kommander UI


                      Remove Kommander and related infrastructure

                        Back up and restore

                        Back up and restore Kommander data and the Konvoy cluster

                          Install Kommander air gapped

                          Install Kommander in an air gapped environment

                            Get Training

                            Learn to use and administer Kommander in real-time training courses, in person or online, offered by D2iQ.

                            Find us on Slack

                            Ask questions in the general channel and participate in day 2 ops, networking, packaging, and UX working groups.