Operating Pipeline Runs

This tutorial describes how to operate a pipeline run from the Dashboard.


Contents of this tutorial

  • Change the default PipelineRun time out of a Pipeline
  • Stop or Rerun a PipelineRun
  • View summary information of all Pipelines
  • View summary information of the PipelineRuns of a Pipeline

Operating PipelineRuns from the Dashboard

Change the PipelineRun default Timeout

  1. From the Konvoy Dashboard, select CI/CD >Continuous Integration (CI) > Repositories.
  2. Select the Repository associated with the Pipeline.
  3. Select Edit, enter the desired timeout, and then Save.

Stop or Rerun a PipelineRun

Selecting the URL in the SCM Pull Request details, that triggered the PipelineRun, will take you to the PipelineRun view


from the Konvoy Dashboard select CI/CD > Continuous Integration (CI) > Pipelines select the relevant pipeline to view the table of PipelineRuns summary information. Select the PipelineRun (the build) entry of the PR number (e.g. “pr-11”), or Branch (e.g. “#11”) that you want to Stop or Rerun and that will take you to the PipelineRun view.

The status of a running pipeline will indicate that it is Running. Select Stop & then Stop Build to cancel the Running pipeline. After it is stopped its status will be displayed as Cancelled. To rerun a previously failed or successful PipelineRun select Rerun.

View Pipeline Information

From the Konvoy Dashboard select CI/CD > Continuous Integration (CI) > Pipelines to see a summary of the latest run of every Pipeline. The displayed information includes Pipeline Configuration Name, Status (e.g. Running, Succeeded, Failed, Cancelled), Creation time, and Duration of the PipelineRuns.

To view all the activity of a Pipeline, select the one you are interested in.

View PipelineRuns Summary

From the Konvoy Dashboard select CI/CD > Continuous Integration (CI) > Pipelines > Pipeline to see a summary of the latest PipelineRuns.

Select View System PipelineRuns to see the PipelineRuns that process Dispatchfiles that generate the PipelineRuns corresponding to the actual builds. System PipelineRuns allow you to see problems and errors associated with processing of the Dispatchfile or errors incurred in interactions with the Source Control Management system. Select View PipelineRuns to see PipelineRuns corresponding to builds.

To refine the view by PipelineRun number (e.g.”#11”) or pr-number (e.g. “pr-11”) use the Filter box. “11” will filter to PipelineRun number “11” and “pr-11”.

To download all the artifacts output by a specific PipelineRun select Download Artifacts.

To troubleshoot, or inspect in detail (logs, artifacts, the Intermediate Representation of the Dispatch file, parameters, start time, duration, trigger reason and other information), select a specific PipelineRun. See Pipeline Configuration Reference for information on Intermediate Details.