Release Notes 1.3.0

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Release Notes for Dispatch 1.3.0

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v1.3.0 - Released October 27, 2020

Document Modified Date: Released October 27, 2020

This document describes the new features, caveats, and resolved issues of D2iQ Dispatch.


  • Release notes are sometimes updated with new information about restrictions and caveats. Please see for the latest version of the D2iQ Dispatch release-notes.

Installation and Upgrades

To install Dispatch, follow one of the two options below:

  • Installation: Run konvoy init and then update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml.

  • Upgrade: Update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml .

  1. Update the following example snippet from cluster.yaml to upgrade Dispatch 1.2.x to 1.3.0.
  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.16-1.2.0
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: false

It should read:

  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.18-1.3.0
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: true
  1. Apply the configuration to install/upgrade Dispatch to the Konvoy cluster.
konvoy up
  1. Verify that the installation/upgrade is successful.
helm test dispatch-kubeaddons

Frontend Languages

Frontend Language Version
Starlark 0.8
CUE 0.6
YAML 0.5
JSON 0.5

Improvements since v1.2.0

  • Upgraded Tekton to v0.14.2 and Tekton dashboard to v0.8.0.
  • Upgraded ArgoCD to v1.6.2.
  • Added support for Helm v3
  • Updated UI to support Build view, including:
    • Viewing logs, artifacts, and Dispatchfile.
    • Support for stopping, and rerunning Pipelines.
    • Support for incremental build numbers of Pipelineruns.
    • Default to Dispatch Dashboard URL for PipelineRun Details link. This is configurable by setting dispatch.defaultDispatch in values.yaml
  • Support for label matching for pull request actions in Dispatchfile.
  • Added timeout field to Repository objects. Allows overriding of the default PipelineRun timeout duration for a Repository.
  • Added a new --timeout flag to the dispatch CI repository create command that takes a Go duration string (e.g., 2h30m45s). This sets the PipelineRun timeout for the Repository being created.
  • Added a new timeout field to the task type in the Dispatchfile. This overrides the PipelineRun timeout for the task. If the PipelineRun times out before the task is completed, the task will continue executing until it reaches its own timeout, but the PipelineRun as a whole will be marked as failed due to timeout.
  • Added helm chart option tekton.configs.defaultPodTemplate to support node pool selections and other pod settings for all Dispatch tasks. See documentation of Tekton pod templates Tekton pod templates for more information.
  • Automatically detect the Dispatch installation namespace by checking the labels on the namespace specified by --namespace.
  • Print warning when the CLI and server have different versions.
  • Added --git-server to dispatch ci repository create in order to select which of the --service-account's SCM secrets to use.
  • Allow multiple dispatch login commands to be executed for the same service account.
  • Trigger pipelines with GitHub release events.
  • Support tolerations via configuring global and per-repository pod template.
  • Support tolerations on Dispatch components.
  • Support automatic cancellation of pipelineruns superseded by new pipelineruns.


Breaking Changes

  • The helm chart option eventSink.defaultStepResources is renamed to dispatch.defaultStepResources.
  • The --dispatch-namespace CLI option is now deprecated, as its value is automatically determined.
  • The --scm-secret CLI option is now deprecated. Use --service-account instead, and the SCM secret will be automatically determined.
  • The --dispatchfile-repository-scm-secret CLI option is deprecated. The SCM secret for accessing the Dispatchfile is determined from the --service-account and the --dispatchfile-repository.
  • The --secret option has been removed from the dispatch login commands, use --service-account instead.
  • The dispatch init CLI command now uses Helm v3.

Resolved Issues

  • Allow login to github after login to docker. (COPS-6292)
  • Fixed a bug where the garbage collector only reclaimed resources in the last watched namespace.
  • Fixed garbage collector to only skip old objects with dispatch catalog labels if they are Pipeline or Task objects.
  • Fixed a bug where created artifacts were not collected after task failure.
  • Fixed Dispatchfile YAML parser to handle quoted “on” keyword correctly.
  • Fixed the pipeline generation to handle large webhook event payloads.
  • Fixed log pruning job’s permissions in multi-instance mode.
  • Added a “Failed” cron status when CrobJob names exceed 52 characters.
  • Fixed “Not Supported” error for GitHub release trigger.


  • The new pipeline auto-cancellation feature automatically cancels pipelines for old commits when new commits are added to your pull request. This can help relieve load on your Kubernetes cluster from unneeded builds. This feature is enabled by default for repositories but each repository can opt out, if needed.

    To opt-out, set disableAutoCancel: true on your Repository object, for example:

    kind: Repository
     name: dispatch
      repository: mesosphere/dispatch
      secret: github
      serviceAccount: builder
      disableAutoCancel: true
  • PipelineRun Details link(s) on SCM page now default to the Dispatch UI dashboard. This can be overridden to default to the old behavior of linking to the Tekton dashboard by setting dispatch.dashboardMode to tekton instead of dispatch (default value).