Dispatch Installation on Konvoy

Install and Configure Dispatch

WARNING: D2iQ Dispatch has been deprecated in favor of Flux. See the D2iQ blog post for more information.


Before you install Dispatch, be sure you have completed the Prerequisites.

Installing Dispatch into a D2iQ Konvoy Cluster

The easiest way to install Dispatch is on Konvoy.

  • Configure kubectl to point to the correct Kubernetes cluster.
  • Install the Dispatch CLI.
  1. In your existing cluster.yaml, set the Dispatch addon field enabled to true:

    apiVersion: konvoy.mesosphere.io/v1beta1
    kind: ClusterConfiguration
      - configRepository: https://github.com/mesosphere/kubeaddons-dispatch
        configVersion: stable-1.18-1.3.1
        - name: dispatch
          enabled: true
  2. Install Dispatch into the cluster.

    konvoy up
  3. Verify that the Dispatch components are set up correctly.

    helm test dispatch-kubeaddons

Configuring the Dispatch Installation

Dispatch installation can be customized by setting various options via values.yaml if using dispatch init command or via values field in Dispatch Addon configuration.

Field Type Default value Description
dispatch.dashboardMode String (one of dispatch or tekton) dispatch Specify the default dashboard to link the PipelineRun Details link(s) on SCM page

Next steps

At this point, you’ve successfully installed Dispatch. Next, you can add a new application to Dispatch CI. To do so, follow the steps at Setting up a repository to use Dispatch.

Additionally, your installation of Dispatch may require customization of ArgoCD or MinIO to meet the requirements.