Dispatch Installation on Konvoy

Install and Configure Dispatch


Before you install Dispatch, be sure you have completed the Prerequisites.

Installing Dispatch into a D2iQ Konvoy Cluster

The easiest way to install Dispatch is on Konvoy.

  • Configure kubectl to point to the correct Kubernetes cluster.
  • Install the Dispatch CLI.
  1. In your existing cluster.yaml, set the Dispatch addon field enabled to true:

    apiVersion: konvoy.mesosphere.io/v1beta1
    kind: ClusterConfiguration
      - configRepository: https://github.com/mesosphere/kubeaddons-dispatch
        configVersion: stable-1.16-1.2.0
        - name: dispatch
          enabled: true
  2. Install Dispatch into the cluster.

    konvoy up
  3. Verify that the Dispatch components are set up correctly.

    helm test dispatch-kubeaddons

Next steps

At this point, you’ve successfully installed Dispatch. Next, you can add a new application to Dispatch CI. To do so, follow the steps at Setting up a repository to use Dispatch.

Additionally, your installation of Dispatch may require customization of ArgoCD or MinIO to meet the requirements.