Introducing Conductor

Introducing Conductor

D2iQ’s Conductor is a distributed learning platform that enables you to train your team using interactive cloud-native content - using a mix of traditional documentation, video training, self-guided labs, quizzes and tests - all served in a web-based single-page integrated learning environment.

Conductor features and benefits

This is the first release of Conductor’s self-hosted offering, featuring the following capabilities:

  • Easy on-prem/cloud installation: Operators can now install Conductor on their own Kubernetes cluster using only a helm chart and a few common addons.

  • File Editor: Learners can view, edit, and save files in their training environment workspaces from the easy-to-use File Editor GUI tab.

  • Sign-up Link Tool: Administrators can now invite any number of learners to use Conductor by generating and then sharing a disposable sign-up link from the Admin Portal page.

Known Issues

The following are known issues as of Conductor v1.0:

Traefik Bug

There is a bug in Traefik v1.7.23 that causes Conductor v1.0 to break. Because Konvoy v1.4 depends on this version of Traefik, Conductor v1.0 is not currently compatible with Konvoy v1.4.

Air Gapped Install

Air gapped installations are not supported in this release of Conductor.

Backup and Restore

Backing up and restoring the Conductor environment is not supported in this release of Conductor.

Browser Compatibility

Conductor only supports the following browsers:

Browser Tested Status
Chrome 81 Y Works as expected.
Firefox 76 Y Works as expected.
Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 81.0.416.77 Y Fails due to incompatible limitation with present strategy for passing credentials.
Safari 12 Y SSH can disconnect if browser left unattended too long. Max observed: 1-2 times per 2-3 hour session. Refreshing the browser is a workaround to reestablish ssh connectivity with the cluster.