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Fluent Bit

Fluent Bit is the DKP choice of open-source log collection and forwarding tool.

On the Management cluster, the Fluentbit application is disabled by default. The amount of admin logs ingested to Loki requires additional disk space to be configured on the rook-ceph-cluster. Enabling admin logs may use around 2GB/day per node. See Rook Ceph in DKP for more details on how to configure the Rook Ceph Cluster.

Audit Log Collection

Auditing in Kubernetes provides a way to chronologically document the actions taken on a cluster. On Kommander, by default, audit logs are collected and stored for quick indexing. Viewing and accessing can be done via the Grafana logging UI.

To adjust the default Audit Policy log backend configuration, you must modify the log retention settings by Configuring the Control Plane before creating the cluster. This needs to be done prior to creating the cluster since it cannot be edited after creation.

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