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Download DKP

To download a new version of DKP, you have 2 options:

Download from the Support Website

Download DKP

From the Download site, select the DKP binary for either Darwin(MacOS) or Linux. After download, extract for your system.

To extract a tar file, either:

  • MacOS/Darwin - Use a file manager program like 7-Zip and right-click the tar file. Select “Open With” and then 7-Zip File Manager. Select “Extract” and choose a location to save the extracted files.

  • Linux - Use the command line and type tar -xvf filename.tar to extract the files to the current directory. You can add tar -xvzf option if the file is compressed with gzip.

AWS Marketplace Only

Follow the instructions on the AWS console to download the container image.

After downloading the image, run this command to copy the binaries to your host:

docker run -it --rm -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -v $(pwd):/dkp $CONTAINER_IMAGES

A successful operation returns this output:

dkp binary is placed in the local directory, to run:
./dkp --help

And you can view the dkp binary in your working directory. Follow the DKP installation instructions using these binaries, and then add your license to DKP. If you have problems downloading or installing DKP, contact your sales representative or

Next Step:

Day 0 - Get Started with DKP

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