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Velero with AWS S3 - Establish a Backup Location

Create a Backup Storage Location

  1. Create a location for the backup by pointing to an existing S3 bucket:

    velero backup-location create -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} <aws-backup-location-name> \
      --provider aws \
      --bucket ${BUCKET} \
      --config region=<AWS_REGION> \
  2. Check that the backup storage location is Available and that it references the correct S3 bucket:

    kubectl get backupstoragelocations -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} -oyaml

If the BackupStorageLocation is not Available, view any error events by using: kubectl describe backupstoragelocations -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE}

Create a Test Backup

  1. Create a test backup for AWS:

    velero backup create aws-velero-testbackup -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER_NAME}.conf --storage-location <aws-backup-location-name> --snapshot-volumes=false
  2. View your backup:

    velero backup describe aws-velero-testbackup

Next Step:

Back up with Velero

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