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Projects - Git repository structure

These pages refer to DKP Enterprise and DKP Gov Advanced products.

Git repositories must be structured in a specific manner for defined applications to be processed by Kommander.

You must structure your git repository based on the following guidelines, for your applications to be processed properly by Kommander so that they can be deployed.

Git Repository Directory Structure

Use the following basic directory structure for your git repository:

├── helm-repositories
│   ├── <helm repository 1>
│   │   ├── kustomization.yaml
│   │   └── <helm repository name>.yaml
│   └── <helm repository 2>
│       ├── kustomization.yaml
│       └── <helm repository name>.yaml
└── services
    ├── <app name>
    │   ├── <app version1> # semantic version of the app helm chart. e.g., 1.2.3
    │   │   ├── defaults
    │   │   │   ├── cm.yaml
    │   │   │   └── kustomization.yaml
    │   │   ├── <app name>.yaml
    │   │   └── kustomization.yaml
    │   ├── <app version2> # another semantic version of the app helm chart. e.g., 2.3.4
    │   │   ├── defaults
    │   │   │   ├── cm.yaml
    │   │   │   └── kustomization.yaml
    │   │   ├── <app name>.yaml
    │   │   └── kustomization.yaml
    │   └── metadata.yaml
    └── <another app name>
  • Define applications in the services/ directory.

  • You can define multiple versions of an application, under different directories nested under the services/<app name>/ directory.

  • Define application manifests, such as a HelmRelease, under each versioned directory services/<app name>/<version>/ in <app name>.yaml which is listed in the kustomization.yaml Kubernetes Kustomization file. For more information, see the Kubernetes Kustomization docs.

  • Define the default values ConfigMap for HelmReleases in the services/<app name>/<version>/defaults directory, accompanied by a kustomization.yaml Kubernetes Kustomization file pointing to the ConfigMap file.

  • Define the metadata.yaml of each application under the services/<app name>/ directory. For more information, see the Application Metadata docs.

See the DKP Catalog repository for an example of how to structure custom catalog Git repositories.

Helm Repositories

You must include the HelmRepository that is referenced in each HelmRelease's Chart spec.

Each services/<app name>/<version>/kustomization.yaml must include the path of the YAML file that defines the HelmRepository. For example:

# services/<app name>/<version>/kustomization.yaml
kind: Kustomization
  - <app name>.yaml
  - ../../../helm-repositories/<helm repository 1>

For more information, see the flux documentation about HelmRepositories.

Substitution Variables

Some substitution variables are provided.

  • ${releaseName}: For each App deployment, this variable is set to the AppDeployment name. Use this variable to prefix the names of any resources that are defined in the application directory in the Git repository so that multiple instances of the same application can be deployed. If you create resources without using the releaseName prefix (or suffix) in the name field, there can be conflicts if the same named resource is created in that same namespace.

  • ${releaseNamespace}: The namespace of the Project.

  • ${workspaceNamespace}: The namespace of the Workspace that the Project belongs to.

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