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Project Platform Application Configuration Requirements

These pages refer to DKP Enterprise and DKP Gov Advanced products.

Project Platform Application Descriptions and Resource Requirements

Platform applications require more resources than solely deploying or attaching clusters into a project. Your cluster must have sufficient resources when deploying or attaching to ensure that the applications are installed successfully.

The following table describes all the platform applications that are available to the clusters in a project, minimum resource and persistent storage requirements, and whether they are enabled by default.


Minimum Resources Suggested

Minimum Persistent Storage Required

Deployed by Default

Default Priority Class


cpu: 200m
memory: 100Mi


DKP Critical (100002000)


# of PVs: 3
PV sizes: 10Gi x 3 (total: 30Gi)


DKP Critical (100002000)



DKP Critical (100002000)

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