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Prerequisites: Clone Git Repository from Gitea

After your DKP Essential Cluster is converted into a DKP Enterprise Managed cluster, the old instance of Gitea that is used to host all Git repositories in the DKP Essential Cluster, will not be preserved.

Perform the steps in this page to ensure that you have a local copy of the Management Git Repository in the state it was in prior to undergoing the expansion process.

All DKP Platform Applications will be migrated from the DKP Essential Cluster to the DKP Enterprise Managed Cluster.

  1. Prior to turning an DKP Essential cluster to a DKP Enterprise Managed Cluster, clone Gitea using the following command:

    dkp experimental gitea clone
  2. Verify that the Git Repository has been successfully cloned to your local environment.

    cd kommander
    git remote -v
    # output from git remote -v look like
    # origin  https://<YOUR_CLUSTER_INGRESS_HOSTNAME>/dkp/kommander/git/kommander/kommander (fetch)
    # origin  https://<YOUR_CLUSTER_INGRESS_HOSTNAME>/dkp/kommander/git/kommander/kommander (push)

Next Steps

Back up your Cluster's Applications and Persistent Volumes

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