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Kubernetes Cluster Federation (KubeFed)

Kubernetes Cluster Federation (KubeFed) allows you to coordinate the configuration of multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single set of APIs in a hosting cluster. KubeFed aims to provide mechanisms for expressing which clusters should have their configuration managed and what that configuration should be. The mechanisms that KubeFed provides are intentionally low-level, and intended to be foundational for more complex multicluster use cases, such as deploying multi-geo applications and disaster recovery.

DKP uses KubeFed to manage multiple clusters from the management cluster and also to federate various resources. A KubefedCluster object is automatically created for each attached cluster and joined to the management cluster. After they are joined, namespaces can be federated to the clusters - this is how you get workspace and project namespaces created on the attached clusters. From here other resources can be federated into those namespaces, such as ConfigMaps, RBAC, and so on.

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