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Enterprise: Upgrade Project Catalog Applications

These pages refer to DKP Enterprise and DKP Gov Advanced products.

Before upgrading your catalog applications, verify the current and supported versions of the application. Also, keep in mind the distinction between Platform applications and Catalog applications. Platform applications are deployed and upgraded as a set for each cluster or workspace. Catalog applications are deployed separately, so that you can deploy and upgrade them individually for each project.

Catalog applications must be upgraded to the latest version BEFORE upgrading the Konvoy components for Managed clusters or Kubernetes version for attached clusters.

Upgrade with the UI

Follow these steps to upgrade an application from the DKP UI:

  1. From the top menu bar, select your target workspace.

  2. From the side menu bar, select Projects.

  3. Select your target project.

  4. Select Applications from the project menu bar.

  5. Select the three dot button from the bottom-right corner of the desired application tile, and then select Edit.

  6. Select the Version drop-down, and select a new version. This drop-down will only be available if there is a newer version to upgrade to.

  7. Select Save.

Upgrade with the CLI

  1. To see what app(s) and app versions are available to upgrade, run the following command:
    NOTE: You can reference the app version by going into the app name (e.g. <APP ID>-<APP VERSION>)

    kubectl get apps -n ${PROJECT_NAMESPACE}

    You can also use this command to display the apps and app versions, for example:

    kubectl get apps -n ${PROJECT_NAMESPACE} -o jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{@.spec.appId}{"----"}{@.spec.version}{"\n"}{end}'

    Below is an example of an output that shows the different apps and apps versions.

  2. Run the following command to upgrade an application from the DKP CLI:

    dkp upgrade catalogapp <appdeployment-name> --workspace=my-workspace --project=my-project --to-version=<version.number>

As an example, the following command upgrades the Zookeeper Operator application, named zookeeper-operator-abc, in a workspace to version 0.2.15:

dkp upgrade catalogapp zookeeper-operator-abc --workspace=my-workspace --to-version=0.2.15

Platform applications cannot be upgraded on a one-off basis, and must be upgraded in a single process for each workspace. If you attempt to upgrade a platform application with these commands, you receive an error and the application is not upgraded.

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