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EndpointSlices are an API resource that appears as a scalable and more manageable solution to network endpoints within a Kubernetes cluster. They allow for distributing network endpoints across multiple resources with a limit of 100 endpoints per EndpointSlice.

An EndpointSlice contains references to a set of endpoints, and the control plane takes care of creating EndpointSlices for any Service that has a selector specified. These EndpointSlices include references to all the pods that match the Service selector.

Like Services, the name of a EndpointSlice object must be a valid DNS subdomain name.

In this example, here’s a sample EndpointSlice resource for the example Kubernetes Service:

kind: EndpointSlice
  name: konvoy-endpoint-slice
  namespace: default
  labels: my-konvoy-service
addressType: IPv4
- name: http
  protocol: TCP
  port: 80
- addresses:
  - ""
    ready: true
  topology: us-west2-b
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