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Enable Logging Applications through the UI

How to enable the logging stack through the UI for Workspace-level logging

You can enable the Workspace logging stack to all attached clusters within the Workspace through the UI. If you prefer to enable the logging stack with kubectl, review how you create AppDeployments to Enable Workspace Logging.

To enable workspace-level logging in DKP using the UI, follow these steps:

  1. From the top menu bar, select your target workspace.

  2. Select Applications from the sidebar menu.

  3. Ensure traefik and cert-manager are enabled on your cluster. These are deployed by default unless you modified your configuration.

  4. Scroll to the Logging applications section.

  5. Select the three dot button from the bottom-right corner of the cards for Rook Ceph and Rook Ceph Cluster, then click Enable. On the Enable Workspace Platform Application page, you can add a customized configuration for settings that best fit your organization. You can leave the configuration settings unchanged to enable with default settings.

  6. Select Enable at the top right of the page.

  7. Repeat the process for the Grafana Loki, Logging Operator, and Grafana Logging applications.

  8. You can verify the cluster logging stack installation by waiting until the cards have a Deployed checkmark on the Cluster Application page, or you can verify the Cluster Logging Stack installation via the CLI.

  9. Then, you can view cluster log data.

We do not recommend installing Fluent Bit, which is responsible for collecting admin logs, unless you have configured the Grafana Loki Ceph Cluster Bucket with sufficient storage space. The amount of admin logs ingested to Loki requires additional disk space to be configured on the rook-ceph-cluster. Enabling admin logs may use around 2GB/day per node. See Rook Ceph in DKP for more details on how to configure the Ceph Cluster.

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