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dkp create image-bundle

Create an image bundle

dkp create image-bundle [flags]


  -h, --help                         help for image-bundle
      --image-pull-concurrency int   Image pull concurrency (default 1)
      --images-file string           File containing list of images to create bundle from, either as YAML configuration or a simple list of images
      --output-file string           Output file to write image bundle to (default "images.tar")
      --overwrite                    Overwrite image bundle file if it already exists
      --platform platformSlice       platforms to download images (required format: <os>/<arch>[/<variant>]) (default [linux/amd64])
  -v, --verbose int                  Output verbosity


  • dkp create - Create one of [appdeployment, bootstrap, capi-components, chart-bundle, cluster, image-bundle, nodepool, workspace]
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