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DKP 2.6.0 Kubernetes Major Updates and Deprecations

Before upgrading, we strongly recommend verifying your current setup against the information on this page and reading more about Kubernetes' new features in Kubernetes upgrade notes.

Deprecated API Services

With this version, Kubernetes stopped serving several API versions for Flow control resources and HorizontalPodAutoscaler services. For more information on the deprecated API versions for each of these services, refer to

Removed OCI Image Registry

DKP uses the upstream registry instead of the previous registry for all new and upgraded clusters. The Kubernetes image is only available through the new image registry starting with 1.26.0.

Ensure you add to any firewall or proxy allowlists.

Migration to External Cloud-Controller-Managers

The deprecation of in-tree cloud-controller-managers that are part of kube-controller-manager has started. Starting with DKP 2.6 and Kubernetes 1.26.0, the in-tree cloud-controller-manager is disabled and migrated to the external cloud-controller-manager. If you had custom configuration for the in-tree cloud-controller-manager, you may need to add an equivalent configuration in the new deployments.

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