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DKP 2.6.0 Deprecations

The following items are deprecated or removed from this version of DKP.

Deprecated dkp push Subcommand and Flag

To improve consistency, simplify, and streamline DKP CLI commands, this version of DKP deprecates the dkp push image-bundle command in favor of dkp push bundle.

Deprecated subcommand and flag

New subcommand and flag

dkp push image-bundle --image-bundle

dkp push bundle --bundle

You can still run the dkp push image-bundle with this version of DKP, but it will be removed in future DKP versions.

If you have scripts, GitHub Actions, or other cluster creation and upgrade automations, D2iQ recommends updating to the new subcommand and flag as soon as possible.

Catalog Applications Compatibility

From DKP 2.6, the following versions of Catalog applications are deprecated:

  • kafka-operator-0.20.0

  • kafka-operator-0.20.2

  • spark-operator-1.1.6

  • zookeeper-operator-0.2.13

If you plan on upgrading to DKP 2.6, ensure that you upgrade these applications to the latest compatible version.

For more information, see Workspace DKP Catalog Applications - Compatibility.

Spark Operator to be Removed in DKP 2.7

Starting from DKP 2.7, D2iQ will discontinue support for all versions of Spark Operator in the DKP Catalog, because the upstream operator is no longer maintained. As a result, the Spark Operator will no longer be available for use in future DKP releases.

Spark Operator remains available in DKP 2.6 and previous versions.

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