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DKP 2.6.0 Customer Incidents

The following resolved incidents are included in this release.

kubernetes/crictl Cannot Pull Images from Harbor Registry


Attempting to pull images from a separate registry using crictl would fail due to an issue pertaining to the configuration of that registry. An updated configuration has been included with this release, resolving this issue.

Mis-configuration of OIDC Identity Provider from CLI or Kommander UI Crashes Dex and Locks User out of Kommander UI


<Daniel L to add content>

Kommander Failed to Install on Microsoft Azure


Kommander failed to install on cluster in Microsoft Azure the first time, but installed successfully the second time.

Failing Kommander Upgrade from DKP 2.2.3 to 2.3.2


Kommander upgrade fails from 2.2.3 to 2.3.2 in a Flatcar environment, running on-premises.

Add Note about Deploying with a Lower Kubernetes Version


Customer could not deploy a cluster using a lower Kubernetes version than the 2.4 default.

DKP Missing Required Images for kubetunnel in Air-gapped Environments


When attempting to attach an air-gapped cluster with the “network restricted” configuration, the managed cluster remains stuck in a “Pending” status.

Missing registry_2.tar File in 2.5 Beta Air-gapped Bundle


The air-gapped bundle is missing registry_2.tar in the 2.5 Beta air-gapped bundle.

Scaling Nodes for Pre-provisioned Clusters


Documentation doesn’t have a section on growing an existing pre-provisioned cluster.

Velero 'backup logs' Command Doesn't Work


The velero backup logs <backup-name> command does not work in DKP 2.4 as a result if the change from Minio to Rook-Ceph.

Unable to Build Ubuntu KIB Images in GCP


KIB does not build a GCP Ubuntu image and fails with an SSH error.

Unable to Deploy Kommander with HTTP_PROXY


Kommander deployed with the mutations block added, but the kommander-flux components cannot pull any Helm charts including those for Gatekeeper/OPA, because the proxy environment variables are not set.

Traefik entry point TCP 9090 is tagged Velero-minio


The entry point for Rook-ceph opbject storage is still tagged from DKP 2.3, which used MinIO.

Kommander Install on Small Environment Needs Reference to Platform Application Dependencies


To enable an application, you need to refer to the Platform Application Dependencies to make sure that all of the needed dependencies are enabled.

Microsoft Azure Upgrade from DKP 2.3.0 to DKP 2.4.0 Breaks Volume Attachments for Pods


The upgrade process is broken for Microsoft Azure clusters when moving from DKP 2.3.0 to DKP 2.4.0.

License Counts the Control Plane Cores after the 2.4 Upgrade


The licensing core count includes cores associated with the Control Plane, whereas it did not in DKP 2.3.

EKS Cluster Creation Fails when AWS User Credentials do not have Full IAM Access


An attempt to create an AWS cluster failed because it the otherwise-properly credentialed account did not have full IAM access.

Increase Disk size for vSphere Cluster does not Increase ContainerD Space


Use of the flag, using flag --worker-disk-size 120 when creating vSphere cluster only increases disk size, but does not increase not mount points. This results in a lack of additional storage available for containerD.

Erroneous Configuration of OIDC Identity Provider Prevents User from Accessing the UI


When OIDC is configured incorrectly, the dex service crashes, locking the user out of the UI.

Calico Not Updated During DKP Upgrade from 2.1.x to 2.2.2 on Flatcar


When upgrading a DKP cluster on Flatcar, after what seems to be a successful upgrade, the Calico service is not updated to a new version as expected and uses a previous image.

Attaching a DKP Essential Cluster via Kubetunnel not Supported


In DKP versions 2.4.x and earlier, it is not possible to attach a DKP cluster with Kommander to another DKP cluster with Kommander. This was the case regardless of whether this connection was done using a kubetunnel for clusters with or without networking restrictions.

Instructions on Configuring a Custom Domain and Certificate After Installing Kommander are Missing


Documentation on how to configure a manually-generated custom domain and certificate post Kommander installation is not available. DKP 2.5 now includes this use case: Configure Custom Domains or Custom Certificates post Kommander Installation.

dkp create cluster Fails when the Kubeconfig file from a Previous Cluster is set


Running dkp create cluster --self-managed for an additional DKP cluster results in an error message if you still have an active kubeconfig file from a previous DKP cluster.

Sizing Guidelines for Logging Stack and Rook Ceph Applications


Guidelines with specifications for the size of logging-stack and rook-ceph applications are missing.

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