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D2iQ Security Updates

View CVE security scans and update information for D2iQ products. The following information describes mitigated or fixed CVEs found in DKP. The "Vulnerability IDs" column contains the list of known mitigated CVE ids.

ProductVersionVulnerability ReportsVulnerability IDs
DKPv2.8.0Download CSVDownload File
DKPv2.7.1Download CSVDownload File
DKPv2.7.0Download CSVDownload File
DKP Catalog Applicationsv2.7.0Download CSVDownload File
DKPv2.6.0Download CSVDownload File
DKP Catalog Applicationsv2.6.0Download CSVDownload File
DKPv2.5.0Download CSVDownload File
DKPv2.4.0Download CSVDownload File

This report is generated using the scanner Trivy v0.44.0 and the CVE database is updated to 16 Jun 24 00:17 UTC.

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