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AWS Air-gapped AMI

Create an Image using Konvoy Image Builder (KIB) for use in an air-gapped cluster


The default AWS image is not recommended for use in production. We suggest using Konvoy Image Builder to create an AWS Air-gapped AMI to take advantage of enhanced cluster operations. Explore the KIB with AWS topics for more options.

Using KIB, you can build an AMI without requiring access to the internet by providing an additional --override flag.

  1. Assuming you have downloaded dkp-air-gapped-bundle_v2.6.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz , extract the tarball to a local directory:

    tar -xzvf dkp-air-gapped-bundle_v2.6.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz && cd dkp-v2.6.2/kib
  2. Follow the instructions below to build an AMI.

Depending on which version of DKP you are running, steps and flags will be different. To deploy in a region where CAPI images are not provided, you need to use KIB to create your own image for the region. For a list of supported AWS regions, refer to the Published AMI information from AWS.

Execute the following to begin image creation:

Run the konvoy-image command to build and validate the image.

konvoy-image build aws images/ami/centos-79.yaml --overrides overrides/offline.yaml

By default it builds in the us-west-2 region. to specify another region set the --region flag:

konvoy-image build aws --region us-east-1 images/ami/centos-79.yaml --overrides overrides/offline.yaml

When the command is complete the ami id is printed and written to ./manifest.json.

After you complete these steps, you can Air-gapped Seed the Registry .

If using AWS ECR as your local private registry, more information can be found on the Registry Mirror Tools page.

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