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Air-gapped or Non-air-gapped Environment?

Air-gapped Environments

In an air-gapped environment, your environment is isolated from unsecured networks, like the Internet. Running your workloads on an air-gapped environment is common in scenarios where security is a determining factor. DKP in air-gapped environments allows you to manage your clusters while shielding it from undesired external influences.

You can create an air-gapped cluster on on-premise environments or any supported cloud infrastructure. In this configuration, you are responsible for providing an image registry. You must also retrieve required artifacts and configure DKP to use those from a local directory when creating and managing DKP clusters.

Secure interactions with other networks

There are a number of ways you can perform actions that require incoming data from other networks in spite of your environment’s isolation: in some configurations, air-gapped clusters allow inbound connections, but cannot initiate outbound connections. In other configurations, you can set up a bastion host, which serves as a gateway between the Internet (or other untrusted networks) and your environment, and facilitates the download of install, upgrade, etc. files and images that are required for other machines to run in air-gapped environments.

Common industry synonyms:

Fettered, disconnected, restricted, SIPR, etc.

Non-air-gapped Environments

In a non-air-gapped environment, your environment has two-way access to and from the Internet. You can create a non-air-gapped cluster on pre-provisioned (on-premise) environments or any cloud infrastructure.

DKP in a non-air-gapped environment allows you to manage your clusters while facilitating connections and offering integration with other tools and systems.

Common industry synonyms:
Open, accessible (to the Internet), not restricted, NIPR, etc.

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