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1. Prerequisites: CLI Proxied Access

  • You have attached a network-restricted cluster.

  • The Management and network-restricted cluster are on the same DKP version.

  • You have a domain that you can use to put on top of the network-restricted cluster’s domain to redirect user requests (Cluster Proxy Domain).

  • A DNS record to map your domain to your cluster. There are two supported options for this:

    • Manual DNS record creation:
      Create a DNS record manually. The record’s A/CNAME value must point to the Management cluster’s Traefik IP address, URL or domain. Use one record per proxied cluster.

    • Automatic DNS record creation:
      A service that creates and maintains your DNS record automatically. For this method, enable the external-dns service on the Management cluster before configuring the proxy.

The following pages walk you through enabling the proxied access on the network-restricted cluster.

Next Step:

2. Prepare your Environment: CLI Proxied Access

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