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vSphere: VMware Prerequisites

Before installing, verify that your VMware vSphere Client environment meets the following basic requirements:

  • Access to a bastion VM, or other network-connected host, running vSphere Client version v6.7.x with Update 3 or later version.

    • You must be able to reach the vSphere API endpoint from where the Konvoy command line interface (CLI) runs.

  • vSphere account with credentials configured - this account must have Administrator privileges.

  • A RedHat® subscription with username and password for downloading DVD ISOs.

  • Valid vSphere values for the following:

    • vCenter API server URL

    • Datacenter name

    • Zone name that contains ESXi hosts for your cluster’s nodes.

    • Datastore name for the shared storage resource to be used for the VMs in the cluster.

      • Use of PersistentVolumes in your cluster depends on Cloud Native Storage (CNS), available in vSphere v6.7.x with Update 3 and later versions. CNS depends on this shared Datastore’s configuration.

    • Datastore URL from the datastore record for the shared datastore you want your cluster to use.

      • You need this URL value to ensure that the correct Datastore is used when DKP creates VMs for your cluster in vSphere.

    • Folder name

    • Base template name, such as base-rhel-8, or base-rhel-7.

    • Name of a Virtual Network that has DHCP enabled for both air-gapped and non air-gapped environments.

    • Resource Pools - at least one resource pool is needed, with every host in the pool having access to shared storage, such as VSAN.

      • Each host in the resource pool needs access to shared storage, such as NFS or VSAN, to make use of MachineDeployments and high-availability control planes.

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