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Offline Override File

You can find these override files in the Konvoy Image Builder repo.

Add the following FIPS Overrides file to your environment:

--overrides overrides/offline.yaml

os_packages_local_bundle_file: "{{ playbook_dir }}/../artifacts/{{ kubernetes_version }}_{{ ansible_distribution|lower }}_{{ ansible_distribution_major_version }}_x86_64.tar.gz"
containerd_local_bundle_file: "{{ playbook_dir }}/../artifacts/{{ containerd_tar_file }}"
pip_packages_local_bundle_file: "{{ playbook_dir }}/../artifacts/pip-packages.tar.gz"
images_local_bundle_dir: "{{ playbook_dir}}/../artifacts/images"

For Ubuntu 20.04, when Konvoy Image Builder runs, it will temporarily disable all defined Debian repositories by appending a .disabled suffix. At the end of installation, each repository will revert to its original name. In case of failures, the files will not be renamed back.

For GPU Offline Override File, you can use nvidia-runfile flag for GPU support if you have downloaded the runfile installer.


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