To create additional clusters that will be managed by your Management cluster, please ensure you have at least the minimal recommendation of required resources below.

Minimum Recommendation for Managed Clusters:

Worker Nodes - At least three worker nodes with:

  • 8 CPU cores each

  • 12Gi of memory

  • A storage class and disk mounts that can accommodate at least four persistent volumes

Control Plane Nodes:

  • 8 CPU cores each

  • 12Gi of memory

NOTE: One control plane node is acceptable for a non-critical test environment, but any production workload must have at least three control planes.

The cluster needs:

  • default Storage Slass and four volumes of 32G, 32G, 2G, and 100G or the ability to create those volumes depending on the Storage Class:

$ kubectl get pv -A
NAME                                       CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   RECLAIM POLICY   STATUS   CLAIM                                                                          STORAGECLASS   REASON   AGE
pvc-08de8c06-bd66-40a3-9dd4-b0aece8ccbe8   32Gi       RWO            Delete           Bound    kommander-default-workspace/kubecost-cost-analyzer                             ebs-sc                  124m
pvc-64552486-7f4c-476a-a35d-19432b3931af   32Gi       RWO            Delete           Bound    kommander-default-workspace/kubecost-prometheus-server                         ebs-sc                  124m
pvc-972c3ee3-20bd-449b-84d9-25b7a06a6630   2Gi        RWO            Delete           Bound    kommander-default-workspace/kubecost-prometheus-alertmanager                   ebs-sc                  124m
pvc-98ab93f1-2c2f-46b6-b7d3-505c55437fbb   100Gi      RWO            Delete           Bound    kommander-default-workspace/db-prometheus-kube-prometheus-stack-prometheus-0   ebs-sc                  123m


NOTE: Actual workloads may demand more resources depending on usage.