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KIB with Pre-provisioned Environments

In Pre-provisioned environments, KIB runs inside the bootstrap cluster, against the list of nodes that you define. Whereas with other providers, you run KIB outside the cluster manually to build your images.

For Pre-provisioned, you define a set of nodes that already exist. During the cluster creation process, KIB is built into DKP and automatically runs the machine configuration process (which KIB uses to build images with other providers) against the set of nodes that you defined. This results in your pre-existing/‘pre-provisioned’ nodes being configured properly. The remainder of the cluster provisioning happens automatically after that.

  • In a Pre-provisioned environment, you have existing machines and DKP consumes them to form a cluster.

  • When you have another provisioner (for example, cloud providers such AWS, vSphere and others), you build images with KIB and DKP consumes the images to provision machines and form a cluster.

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