An HTTP proxy configuration can be used when creating your image. The Ansible playbooks will create systemddrop-in files for containerd and kubelet to configure the http_proxy, http_proxy, and no_proxy environment variables for the service from the file /etc/konvoy_http_proxy.conf. To configure a proxy for use during image creation, create a new override file and specify the following:

# Example override-proxy.yaml
export http_proxy:
export https_proxy:
export no_proxy:,,

These values are only used for the image creation. After the image is created, the Ansible playbooks remove the /etc/konvoy_http_proxy.conf file. The dkp command can be used to configure the KubeadmConfigTemplate object to create this file on bootup of the image with values supplied during the dkp invocation. This enables using different proxy settings for image creation and runtime.