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DKP 2.5.2 Customer Incidents

The following resolved incidents are included in this release:

LOG_LEVEL Hardcoded in the traefik-forward-auth Chart


The chart for the traefik-forward-auth service hardcoded the LOG_LEVEL environment variable to TRACE, which prevented users from setting a custom LOG_LEVEL. The chart is corrected and now honors customized LOG_LEVEL settings.

Duplicate apiserver scrape targets in Prometheus


The default values in the kube-prometheus-stack chart included a duplicate scrape target for the Kubernetes API server. The duplicate scrape target is removed.

Disappearing text in GitOps source forms


In the Kommander UI dashboard, when viewing Projects > Continuous Deployment > GitOps Source form, the value of the field Path disappeared after leaving the text box. The web form is now corrected and the Path field remains viewable.

Kommander UI Navigation Issues


The Kommander UI dashboard could not navigate to an attached cluster when the cluster name had capitalized letters. This issue is corrected.

Unable to disable installation of Gatekeeper


After uninstalling or deactivating Gatekeeper in a workspace and then creating a new cluster, Gatekeeper was continuing to deploy in the workspace. This issue is corrected and Gatekeeper remains uninstalled from new cluster workspaces.

Read-only View of the Kommander UI enabled


For users without access to perform actions, the Kommander Dashboard UI can now be viewed in read-only status.

Adding Custom Prometheus Jobs Removes some Default Jobs


When adding additional jobs to Prometheus, some default jobs were being removed. This issue is corrected.

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