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DKP 2.5.0 Customer Incidents

The following resolved incidents are included in this release:

Misconfiguration of OIDC Identity Provider Crashes Dex


In previous versions of DKP, if you misconfigured an Identify Provider, you could lose all access to the DKP UI and have to fix the problem using the command line. In this release, the dex component has been modified so that it tolerates this situation better.

DKP Missing Required Images for kubetunnel in Air-gapped Environments


When attempting to attach an air-gapped cluster with the “network restricted” configuration, the managed cluster remains stuck in a “Pending” status do to a missing image.

The missing image has been added to the air-gapped bundle, resolving the issue.

Velero 'backup logs' Command Doesn't Work


The velero backup logs <backup-name> command did not work in DKP 2.4 as a result of the change from Minio to Rook-Ceph storage backends. This problem has been corrected.

Microsoft Azure Upgrade Breaks Volume Attachments for Pods


As a result of a bug in the upstream Azure CSI provider, volumes could remain attached to Virtual Machines that were deleted, preventing them from being attached to replacement machines. This prevented a successful upgrade to a new DKP version, as the upgrade process replaces machine instances. The problem has been fixed upstream, and the new Azure CSI provider is included in this release.

License Counts the Control Plane Cores after the 2.4 Upgrade


Due to an upstream change, the licensing code was not correctly excluding Control plane nodes when calculating the number of cores in use. This problem has been corrected.

Calico Not Updated during DKP Upgrade on Flatcar


When upgrading a cluster using Flatcar OS, the Calico resources were not properly upgraded due to a missing osHint label on some cluster resources. The appropriate osHint labels are now applied on cluster creation and upgrade.

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