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Configure an Enterprise Catalog

Configure an Enterprise catalog for DKP

DKP supports configuring default catalogs for clusters with Enterprise license.

Configure a Default Enterprise Catalog

To configure DKP to use a default catalog repository, add these values to your existing and already configured kommander.yaml(or to your newly-created kommander.yaml, if this is your first installation):

kind: Installation
    - name: dkp-catalog-applications
      labels: "true" "true" "dkp"
          tag: v2.5.0

NOTE: If you install Kommander with the previous file, you will install the default applications with default configurations, and default infrastructure settings (this omits configurations for air-gapped environments, configured custom domains, and any other customizations). If you only want to enable catalog applications to an existing configuration, add these values to an existing installer configuration file to maintain your Management cluster’s settings.

Use this configuration when installing or reconfiguring DKP by passing it to the dkp install kommander command:

dkp install kommander --installer-config kommander.yaml --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER_NAME}.conf

In the previous command, the --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER_NAME}.conf flag ensures that you set the context to install Kommander on the right cluster. For alternatives and recommendations around setting your context, refer to Provide Context for Commands with a kubeconfig File.

TIP: Sometimes, applications require a longer period of time to deploy, which causes the installation to time out. Add the --wait-timeout <time to wait> flag and specify a period of time (for example, 1h) to allocate more time to the deployment of applications.

The following section describes each label:



Indicates this acts as a Catalog Repository in all projects

Indicates this acts as a Catalog Repository in all workspaces

Indicates this Catalog Repository (and all its Applications) are certified to run on DKP

Configure an Enterprise Catalog after Installation/Upgrade

When configuring the catalog repository post-upgrade, run dkp install kommander --init > kommander.yaml and update it accordingly with any custom configuration. This ensures you are using the proper default configuration values for the new DKP version.

Next Step:

Custom Domains and Certificates

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