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Cluster Statuses

A cluster card’s status line displays both the current status and the version of Kubernetes running in the cluster.

The status list includes these values:




This is the initial state when a cluster is created or connected.

Pending Setup

The cluster has networking restrictions that require additional setup, and is not yet connected or attached.

Loading Data

The cluster has been added to Kommander and we are fetching details about the cluster. This is the status before Active.


The cluster is connected to API server.


The cluster is being created on your cloud provider. This process may take some time.


The cluster’s infrastructure has been created and configured.


The cluster is being joined to the management cluster for federation.


The join process is done, and waiting for the first data from the cluster to arrive.


The cluster and its resources are being removed from your cloud provider. This process may take some time.


There has been an error connecting to the cluster or retrieving data from the cluster.

Join Failed

This status can appear when kubefed does not have permission to create entities in the target cluster.


Kubefed is cleaning up after itself, removing all installed resources on the target cluster.


The cluster has been disconnected from the management cluster.

Unjoin Failed

The Unjoin from kubefed failed or there is some other error with deleting or disconnecting.


The cluster was created manually and the infrastructure has been created and configured. However, the cluster is not attached. Review the Manually attach a CLI-created cluster page to resolve this status.

*These statuses only appear on Managed clusters.

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