Security Enhancements for DKP and Kommander roles 

In DKP 2.4, four default user roles with edit and view rights were updated with stricter rules to improve security. These rules result in greater access control to resources and actions, limiting the scope of your users’ view or edit rights. 

The following roles have been improved:


Access Control



UI Access

Can edit fields and existing configurations via the UI. Cannot edit infrastructure providers or other user’s roles.


UI Access 

Can access the UI and view all workspaces and configurations. Cannot make modifications.


Kommander Resource Access

Can edit workspace-specific resources for the workspace they are in.


Kommander Resource Access 

Can view workspace-specific resources for the workspace they are in.

With DKP 2.4, some operations that were previously available to users with view and edit rights are no longer available. If you are using any of these roles to manage access to the UI (dkp-kommander roles) or to access Kommander resources and components (kommander-workspace roles), verify that your users still have the required rights to perform their usual tasks. If required, you can assign them additional roles to expand the scope of access.