By default, you can log in to Kommander with the credentials given by the following command to access your Username and Password stored on the cluster:

kubectl -n kommander get secret dkp-credentials -o go-template='Username: {{.data.username|base64decode}}{{ "\n"}}Password: {{.data.password|base64decode}}{{ "\n"}}'

You can retrieve it at any time using the same command.

You should only use these static credentials to access the DKP UI for configuring an external identity provider. Since there is no way to update static credentials, you should treat them as back up credentials and not use them for normal access. Always log in with your own identity from external identity providers that provide additional security features like Multi-Factor Authentication.

You can perform the following operations on Identity Providers:

  • Create an Identity Provider

  • Temporarily Disable an Identity Provider

  • Create Groups