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Install DKP Insights - Enterprise License

Install DKP Insights in multi-cluster environments with an Enterprise License.


  • You have installed DKP.

  • You have an active license key for DKP Insights.

  • Decide whether you want to receive alerts of a single cluster (DKP Essential license), or of several clusters (DKP Enterprise license).

  • Ensure you have Rook Ceph, Rook Ceph Cluster, and Kube Prometheus Stack deployed on the clusters where you want to install DKP Insights.

The Management/Essential cluster comes with Rook Ceph, Rook Ceph Cluster and Kube Prometheus Stack by default. Deploy Rook Ceph and Rook Ceph Cluster on any Managed or Attached clusters using the UI or CLI.

Install DKP Insights

Before you Start

DKP Insights consists of two applications:

  • The Insights Management application or dkp-insights-management.

  • The Insights Engine application or dkp-insights.

The Insights Management application is enabled in the Management cluster by default. You must enable the Insights Engine application on the clusters you want to monitor.

You can enable DKP Insights using the UI or the CLI. In both cases, the application will not start functioning until you apply a license key.

Enable DKP Insights:

  1. Enable the Insights Engine or dkp-insights on the clusters you want to monitor. There are several options:

    1. You can enable DKP Insights per cluster or workspace using the UI.

    2. You can enable DKP Insights per workspace using the CLI. This enables dkp-insights in all clusters in the target workspace.

    3. You can enable DKP Insights per cluster using the CLI. This enables dkp-insights in selected clusters within a workspace.

  2. Optional: D2iQ recommends enabling the Insights Engine Application on the kommander workspace to monitor your Management cluster as well:
    (info) You can skip this step if you only want to monitor workload clusters.

    1. You can enable DKP Insights on the Management Cluster Workspace using the UI.

    2. You can create an AppDeployment for DKP Insights in the kommander namespace (the workspace name is kommander-workspace). Ensure you specify the correct application version from the applications table in the latest Release Notes.

      dkp create appdeployment dkp-insights --app dkp-insights-0.5.0 --workspace kommander-workspace
  3. Apply a valid DKP Insights license key to allow DKP Insights to start analyzing your environment.

DKP Insights now displays alerts for clusters where you have installed the Insights Engine (dkp-insights).

Next Step:

Grant View Rights to Users

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