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DKP Insights Release Notes

Welcome to DKP Insights 0.5.x!

Release Summary for DKP Insights 0.5.0

This release provides extended etcd Insight alert details, and enables users to use DKP Insights as a platform application. It also maintains compatibility and support for other packages used in Insights.

Extended Root Cause Analysis and Solutions for etcd Insights

etcd serves as the central data store for a Kubernetes cluster. Monitoring etcd allows you to ensure the health, availability and stability of your cluster. By monitoring key metrics, DKP Insights can detect and flag any issues or anomalies that can impact the cluster's operation.

This version of DKP Insights comes with extended alerts for etcd-grouped issues. The alert details now include information on the root cause (RCA) and suggestions for solutions. The user can leverage this information to identify potential etcd issues and react to them proactively.

DKP Insights as a Platform Application

In previous versions, the GitRepository for Insights had to be added to your DKP environment to make the application available for deployment. This version of DKP includes DKP Insights as a platform application, making it ready to deploy using the DKP UI or CLI.

As a result, the application versions are now tied to specific DKP versions and upgrades from DKP 2.6.0 instances will include the upgrade of Insights.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

Insights supports the same Kubernetes version as the DKP platform.

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