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DKP Insights Overview

DKP Insights is a predictive analytics solution that detects current and future anomalies in workload configurations or Kubernetes clusters, that can or could occur. 

It consists of two components:

  • DKP Insights Management runs on the DKP Management cluster.

  • DKP Insights Engine runs on each Attached or Managed Kubernetes cluster, or on the DKP Management cluster for DKP Essential (single-cluster environments) customers.

When the DKP Insights engine detects an anomaly, it sends an insight alert to DKP Management and displays a summary in the Insights Alert table.

An Insight alert details corresponding to an insight alert provide the anomaly description, root cause analysis, and recommended steps to resolve the anomaly at a much lower MTTR in a Management Cluster, as well as Managed or Attached Clusters. This maximizes your production environment uptime and, therefore, saves you time and money.

DKP Insights assists Kubernetes Administrators or Application Owners with routine tasks such as:

  • Resolving common anomalies

  • Checking security issues

  • Verifying whether workloads follow best practices

Access the DKP Insights Alert table by selecting Insights from the left-side navigation menu.

You must enable the DKP Insights Engine explicitly on each Attached cluster or Management cluster. The Insights Setup and Configuration section contain instructions to configure these components.

DKP Insights Alert Table

The DKP Insights Alert table provides an overview of all insight alerts, such as the type of the alert and some basic summary information. From the Alert table, select an insight alert to view the details.

DKP Insights Engine

The DKP Insights Engine collects events and metrics on your Attached cluster and uses rule-based heuristics to detect potential anomalies of varying criticality, which helps you quickly identify and resolve any anomalies. The Insight alert summaries display in the DKP Insights Alert table, where you can filter and sort insight alerts for a selected cluster or project by:

  • Project name

  • Cluster name

  • Description

  • Type

From the DKP Insights Alert table, you can also toggle by each Severity level:

  • Critical

  • Warning

  • Notice

DKP Insights Architecture

This diagram details the architecture for DKP Insights.

DKP Insights Licensing

For information around licensing, see DKP Insights Activating a License Key.

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