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DKP Insights Release Notes

Release Summary

Welcome to DKP Insights 0.3.x! This release provides improved user experience, refined workflows, and maintains compatibility and support for other packages used in Insights.

For an overview of the features in Insights, see:

Supported Kubernetes Versions

Insights supports the same Kubernetes versions as the DKP platform. For an overview of compatible DKP and Insights versions, see DKP and Insights Compatibility.

Expanded Cluster Details

With this release, we now provide the cluster name and project name in the Insight Alert Details Page, which enables you to get a more inclusive summary of each insight alert from the dashboard.

Resolve or Snooze Insight Alerts

You can clear Insight alerts from the open view by selecting either Mark as Resolved or Snooze.

Execute Single Actions on Multiple Insight Items

From the Insights table, you can now select multiple insight items and then select a single action for all items.

Additional 3rd-party Scanning Tools

To assist with scanning configuration anomalies, we integrated these additional third-party, open-source components into the DKP Insights Engine:

  • Trivy

  • Pluto

  • Nova


Runtime CVE scan for customer workloads

To keep the Kubernetes workload and cluster deployments always safe, secure, and operational, this release of Insights adds the functionality to perform scans of CVE/CIS databases with Trivy. When enabled, this feature automatically notifies the users about any vulnerabilities and security issues in all installed docker images and Kubernetes cluster deployments. Currently, this function is available in non-air-gapped environments only.

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